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I fell in love with a pattern that I found on a piece of Native American pottery at the Heard Museum here in Phoenix. I changed the pattern a little since the original one that inspired this spiraled inward and the diamond shapes got smaller as they got closer to the hole in the top of the pot. You can check out the photo that inspired this design on my flickr page via the link below. I added more layers and color to it and flattened it out. I think this would be a great design for Blik wall art, totes, or a shirt and could be changed to fit a variety of color combinations. I hope you like it!


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Hmmm.... I only said thanks once put it posted 3 other times. Oh well I guess I'm very thankful.


Using the blue in every second line of the wall pattern looks very nice.

Oh, and as for comments, you must have used the back button... silly glitch in the system!


Very nice!


looks good. very well done


nice one


thats lovely !

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Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

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