Spinny Color Wheel of Death

Design by selfsorter

Spinny Color Wheel of Death by selfsorter on Threadless
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selfsorter profile pic Artist

"Did your program crash and you forgot to save?

.... He has an app for that."

The inspiration for this design is a very personal one. Long have I been at the mercy of the "Spinny Color Wheel of Death."

When he pops up unannounced I just watch him spin while I pull my hair out praying that he will stop and allow me to save my progress. But more often then not he stays there and mockingly spins in my face as if to say, "I'm sorry but your screwed pal."

I hate you Spinny Color Wheel of Death... for all the projects you have destroyed in the past and will destroy in the future.

soloyo profile pic Alumni


ilya yas

wow! cool!!!

polynothing profile pic Alumni

Nice... Did a similar design on teefury called the pinwheel of death, and it was up for scoring here as well, but I dig this one just as much, if not more :)


haha, great idea!

selfsorter profile pic Artist

Thanks guys!

I'm really proud of this design and it's cool to hear people are diggn' it.

bengineer profile pic Alumni

ahahaha, awesome!

laurastead profile pic Alumni

i don't have a mac so i wasn't familiar with this, but it's very cute! i have a spinning blue cheerio of death :(

digsy profile pic Alumni

omfg i would totally buy this
i hate the colour wheel of death
hate hate hate

but i love this shirt
love love love


very cool!

Congolia Breckenridge

You could do some more riffs on this idea with the Windows hourglass and the old Mac wristwatch


This is clever and good looking! Good show!


Cool! the bigger one.

herky profile pic Alumni

very cool! $5

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

This is genius!

and I'm a PC.

baumer5 profile pic Alumni

haha clever!

selfsorter profile pic Artist

Glad to see that I am not alone in my hatred for the SCWOD.

May this shirt be printed and may awareness of SCWOD be spread!


Even in death Mac is more stylish

- Davide -
- Davide - profile pic Alumni

can you vote all my t shirt please?

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