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It's no Collateral Damage (Still waiting on print for that one) but this is pretty fun nevertheless. I always enjoy your style.

courtney pie

what did you do to Kool-Aid?! ahaha

oh yeah!

Edword profile pic Alumni

oh man I did a kool-aid one awhile back.
Look good! nice take!

Montro profile pic Alumni

LOL $5

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

this is what dreams are made of 5$

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Radical! I will "hoard" this shirt.

anybody know what the speech bubble says? I'm hoping it's the Chinese equivalent of OH YEAH!!!


the kool-aid person thing is copyrighted

mezo profile pic Alumni

Sweet idea, but I didn't catch that he was busting through the Great Wall. More flying about bricks & debris will help push the idea further. Otherwise- OOOOH YEAAAAH.


Mongol Kool-Aid. Love it! $5.


Love the design, but would be afraid his features might offend some people.

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

andy, I saw this on your site before it went up here. the moment I laid my eyes on this I wanted to wear it. I think it's your strongest work yet. I'm giving it a 5$ and I really hope everyone else does the same.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Haha, this came out great! Perfect colors, flawless style.


aled profile pic Alumni

I can't see the image on my cell phone, but I bet it's good. I would have no idea what this was about if it weren't for Family Guy! Non-Americans may struggle to appreciate the reference.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

seriously, screw you andyg. Screw you for making me fall in love with a friggin kool aid parody shirt! Such a funny idea, and i LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE how the wall is making surprised faces at the wall's outburst.



ha ha ha - Absolutely wonderful! ! !

Would benefit from having more detail on the part where the wall
has been breached and a Mongol army behind the Kool-Aid khan.


i like it. it's clever. the word doesn't work however. 'shi' doesn't fit in the context. 4.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i looove how vibrant the colours are in this one. the red really pops out


ahahahaha omg

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

F. T. W.


bwahahaha! I want this badly! 5$


this is awesomely cute, though I would double check the word and maybe change the way you write it a tiny bit.
the text looks very good to me in general, with nice stylization that even looks like the trees, but the 'sun' radical on the top is typically connected on the top and right side (with one stroke instead of two).
oh yeah, good job!

andyg profile pic Artist

patuliac and others concerned with the Chinese character word bubble:

I thought I got this right... but apparently not. Contrary to popular belief, I do not speak or understand any Chinese dialect. Anyway, if for some reason this design is selected for printing, I will triple check the characters for accuracy. If any of you can suggest a better text alternative, please e-mail me at: andy@andygonsalves.com . Should the design print, I will award you with a cash prize... and a free shirt or two. Thanks!

jublin profile pic Alumni

ah YES! i wouldn't have even considered a green shirt for this idea, but it works so well. nice contrast. this is why you're hot, this is why you're hot andyG.


I just can't resist saying "OOOOH YEEEEAAAH!" Great concept!


he is saying shi, which is like yes or is

sonmi profile pic Alumni

hahahah, great idea!


Mongol Kool-aid! Take that mulan!

andyg profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the great comments!


forgot how good this is!


yep it's that good! Print with a side of orange chicken! OH YEAH!


"Hey, Kool-Aid!"


LMAO. Great design, and even greater debate over the translation.

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