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briancook profile pic Artist

This one's just in time for summer. Little sister's revenge. First sub using the special UV ink. Hope you enjoy!


Great use of UV


lol, nice use of the UV ink!


Soooo good! The uv ink is a nice touch.

briancook profile pic Artist

X asile x - I do actually have two other versions. One says, "Shark Food" and one says, "Chum". I couldn't decide so I put this one up. I guess just because I wanted to keep it simple and something a kid would write, but I didn't think of people as seeing it as the "eat me" comeback until after I submitted it.

briancook profile pic Artist

FBO - I will assume that you are referring to the UV ink, which I assure you is a real type of ink that Threadless has listed on their specialty inks document for designers.

If you are referring to the content....I can't help you


How about "Dinner Time" or "Come and get it" ? "Eat me" is simply not as tasteful.

briancook profile pic Artist

Cardinal, I like both of those. As I said before I'm open to anything being on his stomach, I just wanted it to be as short as possible - didn't think of the other connotations that that particular phrase has until I subbed it.


NO WAY... 'eat me' is perfect! Nothing else would work so well. It's simple and the most probable thing a kid would write given the set of circumstances. It's not like the little girl planned for the shark to take a bite out of the boy, that wouldn't be half as funny.

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

ahaha! luv it 5

briancook profile pic Artist

This is starting to remind me of that, "give this cartoon a caption" game that they put in The New Yorker.


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