Sperm Whales - Race to the Egg

Design by kdidj

Sperm Whales - Race to the Egg by kdidj on Threadless
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6 colour design depicting what Sperm Whales really do when they dive deep - race for the egg!

Pictured on turquoise but works on most blues.

Hope you like it.

Ars Fera

Lol, I love what you did with the presentation of the guy holding the whale up lol, it made me lol. Tee is excellent as well!!

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Great idea, needs more finesse and making the whales look like a cross between them and sperm as well as some more twists the concept. Put this one back in your mind incubator for a bit and see what comes out, nice one.

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Thanks for the comments guys.

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nice idea...but I agree with FA, a little more development could make this great. You could have them racing through a current (turtles in finding nemo style) which could give you the op to play with some lovely water textures.

lawrence loh

nice concept with many possible improvement.

Bio-bot 9000

trying to imagine the size of the penis that released those behemoths is mind-blowing.

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