Spell It Like It Is, Octopus!

Design by wicked-studios

Spell It Like It Is, Octopus! by wicked-studios on Threadless
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supertrooper74 profile pic Alumni

I didn't even see that it was spelling Octopus until I read your description. I was going to give it a 3 based on the art, but with the addition of the spelling tentacles, I give it a 4.5.


awesome! great colour and linework


mj00 on Jan 07 '09
This might be too close to a shirt that already printed... Octospelled.

wicked-studios on Jan 07 '09
Hmm ... I think the illustration style makes it unique. But that one is awesome too!

wicked-studios on Jan 07 '09
Oh, I also think mine's a lot more subtle. =)

Dude?!? what tha? You're not all that subtle.

TGWA profile pic Alumni

It's nearly identical execution. Intentional or not, it's way too close to get a vote from me. Sorry man.


Hmm ... I think the illustration style makes it unique. But that one is awesome too!

The whole concept of the two designs is that the tentacles are spelling "octopus". Even though the style is different (and I do like your execution), it is definitely not unique.

supertrooper74 profile pic Alumni

Sorry, I had to change my score. The similarities are just too obvious.

almozline profile pic Alumni

sorry, but even if you didn't see the other one before creating this, then you should take more time for pre-production research..

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

" almozline on Jan 08 '09
sorry, but even if you didn't see the other one before creating this, then you should take more time for pre-production research.."

honestly, that's ridiculous, there is so much shit out there that it is impossible to research everything. The only way you could have known that it had been done was if you'd seen it. But, everything has been done before in one variation or another, it's been proved to me time & time again.

For instance, I just did a typewriter saying something & mathiole (?) did the same thing about a week before me and I'd never seen his, doesn't mean I'm not going to submit my idea just because he had the same idea.

The simple fact is that Threadless will not print this design as there are distinct similarities between the two and the other one noted above has already been printed.

Just move ahead with something else, wicked-studios, it's obvious you have talent, don't let this get you down.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Furthermore, I have been on shirt.woot.com many times but I'd honestly never seen that octopus shirt before.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

I just wanted to come here and agree with every word rob just typed


Um, no; I don't think the similarities are too much. I actually prefer YOURS. The texture on the other is interesting, but your colors are better and the smoothness of the tentacle lines on the other is coloring-bookish at best. I much prefer the realism of yours.

To assume that anyone out there has never come up with this idea is completely asinine, folks. This designer has taken a concept that might have been done before, but has done it far better. The letters are "similar" because how else would you MAKE the letters with tentacles? They're going to look similar. This is absolutely not a copy and therefore I have to give it a score based on its merits as a design piece.



Oh, and I agree with what Rob said. LOL


"SassBot5001 on Jan 08 '09
I thought of the Woot design as soon as I saw this."

Same here. I thought it might have been the same artist had I not read through the comments.


wicked-studios on Jan 08 '09
I did have a series of process drawings leading to this one. Before, the octopus was turned the other way, but the letters were harder to make out ... so I arrived at this solution. I had them posted in my blog here on threadless a couple days ago ... and I can repost if some don't believe me.

And are you all trying to tell me that Threadless always prints 100% unique designs that have never been done before?

I will vouch for this because I saw the design in development. He's just extremely unlucky that the one he chose ended up so similar to the other design, as he had tried a couple of other ways of doing the letters before sticking with this one. Giving this guy a 0 simply for having the same idea as the other designer isn't fair at all, he obviously has talent and doesn't deserve to be put in the same spot as the crap that deserves that kind of score.

bennyd302 profile pic Alumni

great work, if you do enough illustration/design your bound to create something thats already been done. it happens, people need to stop forming angry mobs every time it does happen. nice work, keep on truckin.


`Wow this is by far one of my favorites.


^someone needs to read all the comments before posting... :)

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