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Spectrum 48K

Design by Robsoul

Spectrum 48K by Robsoul on Threadless
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Robsoul profile pic Artist

Caught in between the spectrum of reality and technology, she folded to her knees and wept. Her synthetic tears fell to the ground and gave birth to the flowers cradled within the sands of time. Each moment a millennium, each thought a picture, but she found herself and calculated that there was something inside, something wonderful, something remarkable.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

awesome work man, always love it.
you know i think you comment on my very first sub back 2000000 yeas ago

mezo profile pic Alumni

This design is sex.


someone is lacing your water


The design is definitely awesome, but it's very similar to a Volcom shirt...
I still dig it though!

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

WHITE ftw! $5

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Which Volcom shirt, please post link.

Putting a TV on someone's head or any other inanimate object is by no means groundbreaking or new, but I just did this one and I submitted it.

Thanks for the support everyone.

franx profile pic Alumni



love it!


wild and attention grabbing!

the nitpick in me wants the TV/monitor a bit lower where
the lady's head was and either the blue or the yellow stripes
to fall into the background behind the figure so the figure
is sandwiched between the stripes

looks best on white

olie! profile pic Alumni

this is really sweet

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Ahhh man, why did you have to enter this com....

....sigh.... $ 5......

cameron kim jones

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooh yeah.

Too good darling.

herky profile pic Alumni

very cool, I like it on mint or white.

snaggle tooth

We all need some soul, ROBSOUL that is!!!!

ladrones profile pic Alumni

i like it when you call me mix media,
Throw your textures in the air, if youse a true player.

big ups to you adn a 5$ the only thing i would ever suggest
is to see a evil sick nasty mix media with television heads.

kinda like the same aesthetic as a skull shirt, but with creepy teeveeheads.

maybe next time? i hope so! 5$

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

kewl $5

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

composition and color make me happy - 5$

steven218 profile pic Alumni

i always love your shirt designs rob. this is no different.


Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

deserved a better score bru.

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