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you're a machine.... slow down man, give everyone else a chance. nice concept!


It's a neat concept, but the black and white animals seem pasted on, and the colors aren't very attractive. The water looks like blood.


love the idea, but i agree with spykdpunch


mammals! $5


maybe because you have the in-color animals paired with a water reflection, you add ground shadow to the b&w animals. they wouldn't look so pasted on because they would be on the same plane.

Ste7en profile pic Artist

I would do that except I dont treat the black and white animals equally :)


I agree with the comment above about the water looking like blood. I like the idea though.




nice! 5$

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It's a funny concept, but i didnt get the concept at all until reading your description, and that's bad when i dont get these jokes right away b/c im superconceptman!!! Maybe if you have the animals in the pond kicking a little water back on perhaps the penguin with it shielding its eyes, maybe even having one of the animals raising up its paw as if to say you can't come in here, and so forth. It needs a little bit more to really bring the concept home. Nice job still. 3.

.onion profile pic Alumni

The animals look like they're all made of different styles. Oh, and maybe you should make the background color a little lighter- right now it makes the white look really harsh.


didn't get the concept till I read your post. needs a bit more work,but it's cool :) i don't want to think animals do that :s but cool :)

herky profile pic Alumni

lovely colors and water effects.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Hehehe...that panda is sniffing the other bear's booty.

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