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Cheers all, yeah i think it looks best on the brown and dark shirts.


It's only showing it to me on the brown & the grey tee -- I love the brown, it suits the rich colors.

The eye is really, really well done. Sharp and weird & red the way birds' eyes can be. The explosive ruffle on the check heightens the eye's impact, and gives the graphic design a heightened dash of playfulness, which is cool.

Boring pedantic comment: sparrows aren't red like that. Maybe switch to a bird that is (but still has the lovely brown & cream)? (There are bird identification apps & websites where you can search by color, which might be convenient for you.)

HedonCloth profile pic Artist

You would be able to choose different t-shirt colours once it's chosen for print I believe. Regarding the red, I just needed a contrasting colour and just too the artistic liberty to do in red cause I like it.


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