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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

People came from around the globe to see the culmination of two extraordinary events; the discovery of giants in the modern-day world, and that the giants had been persuaded to learn football, thereby saving the space program by providing a cost-effective way to get shuttles into liftoff.

c.kid and Frickinawesome dedicate this collaboration to one large kick for man, several extra points for mankind!

Also muchos thanks to Randy and belekas for their great templates.


Crazy cool!

phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

such a fun concept and so much wonderful detail.. great collab!!


hahaha very funny, great tee!

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

wow! that looks incredible on the shirt!! Great job guys!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni


Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

the perspective seems a tad bit awkward to me, but whatever it fuckin works!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

the dual screen confuses me :S

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

Looks awesome!

Kim Mak
Kim Mak profile pic Alumni

Great idea and very well executed. All the tiny details in the silhouette are amazing. Well done! :)

spudguy profile pic Alumni

Tee minus 10 and counting . . .


alexmdc profile pic Alumni

very cool, I was a bit confused too, thought it was front and back, I think myabe putting the boat betwen the black and the top would break it up a bit

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni

woooo nice~~!!


I got it, nice one you two!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

haha, I had no idea the people across the lake watching the liftoff would be so confusing to people's eye holes! Pam and I thought it would be cool to have people reacting to the kickoff liftoff like you see on old films of the Apollo liftoffs where people for miles around would crowd outside and try to get a glimpse of the spaceship shooting out to space.

Hehehe, no problems, if folks just like it with the two football players and a tiny bit of the lake, Pam and I could resubmit this in a little bit just like that.

thanks again for the smashing comments guys!


looks great

Aphte profile pic Alumni

Nice !!

olie! profile pic Alumni

great stuff guys :)

Chris Rowson
Chris Rowson profile pic Alumni

Woah dude that is awesome!!! 5$

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

great! 5$

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

kenley on Aug 25 '09
Frickinawesome, maybe they are confused because the people across the lake are tiny compared to the football players. The proportion is too different, they look like giants.

They are supposed to be giants. Regular-sized football players couldn't kick a shuttle into space.......well, maybe some of them with all the steroid enhancements!

Dexter Spandex

i think i'd like it better with just the footballers booting the shuttle, the rest kind of confuses it and you;d have to spend the whole time explaining they were giants to people who thought it odd they were so big in the background..
but nice idea about the shuttle, and nicely drawn too.


I like the punt image. You should lose the rest. It doesn't really need all those other distractions since the punt image is already pretty catchy.


Love it, but there is a little too much going on.

heldenstuff profile pic Alumni

Sorry, that the perspective is making your heads spin! THANKS for all the comments so far! :)


I think it's confusing because the people at the bottom are so separated from the shuttle by the much lighter tones of the water. It feels like the composition is cut into thirds. Normally I'd overlook this because of the content, but on a shirt I think it really makes the eye jump around too much.

platinum profile pic Alumni

Yes!!!! this is great.


Awesome work~


It looks amazing on the shirt.

briancook profile pic Alumni

Really nice details - my only concern is the stripe's hard for me to see it as one whole piece when everything is separated and the proportion of the characters is so exaggerated. Still - amazing work and great color choices!

anwarrafiee profile pic Alumni

this is truly different from other tees design ive seen here! great job guys(:


$5 genius.

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Alumni

Truly well done. Execution and concept-wise.
The only thing I worry about is what chengui said earlier.
The eye tends to see this a 2 separate parts.
However it works well after seeing it on a shirt

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

hahaha so good, what a great concept and executed perfectly $5

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni


Tonteau profile pic Alumni

It's really well drawn but the light is so confusing for me. The sun is behind them, and it's reflecting on the water, but not casting any shadows/highlights on the land which is completely black. And then the American Football players are completely lit up from the front. I think this is part of the split screen problem. The top of the image doesn't gel with the bottom half.

Skap 1er

i agree with Tonteau^
Super awesome concept though! 4

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

i love you! 5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Tontea and many others: I see what you are saying and why people are confused about the perspective. Pam and I decided it would be better to keep the reflections of the giant football players out of the water and to light things not in a realistic sense but in a best-view-of-the-action sense, which has now really messed up the viewpoints of many who look at it. Thanks much for the critiques gang, rest assured if this doesn't get printed Pam and I will correct either the reflection issues or do away with all extraneous pieces besides the football kickers and a bit of the water. Keep voting/commenting all and thank a bunch!

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