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Space Head by Splashed Ink on Threadless
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Splashed Ink
Splashed Ink profile pic Artist

Here's my first design. It's something very different from what I usually draw, but I had a lot of fun doin' it.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

nice first one hope t does well and you keep sending stuff in




get rid of the fin____07


I like it!
I'd say lose the speech bubble though

The facial expressions should say it all!

Matt of 7and34

Pretty cool. I'm not big on the placement, but the illustration is good.


The placement's weird, but cool design.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

speech bubble is fine, theres no need to mute colours because time will do that to t-shirt ink anyway. Wish people put more thought into their bitching - especially when it comes to stuff like the intensity of colours - which is different on every damn monitor.

Splashed Ink
Splashed Ink profile pic Artist

I can understand why some people might not want the word bubble there. But my sig? That's what I put on all my art. I guess I could've done a little more to hide it, but that's one thing I'll never take off something I draw. Sorry.

And to all the other people, thanks for the $4's and $5's!


really, you refuse to lose the signature even though if you were printed it would be in the tag? wow, sadly i'm going to have to change my score.

Splashed Ink
Splashed Ink profile pic Artist

It'll be in the tag? Oh, hell I didn't know THAT. Guess I should read the fine print again.

Ok, never mind. If the sig is on the tag if it gets printed, then I'd remove it from the art itself. :)

Sorry again.


I like it but it is a tad too big

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

very nice 5$


cool, look forward to seeing more stuff from you

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I think it's funny that this is your first design on Threadless and you are telling us that this is "different from your usual style." I guess we'll have to wait and see what you are talking about! lol. this however, is quite awesome. I swear i heard a little voice pop out of the monitor and say the "aww, geez" line to me b/c it hits the joke so well. Nice work and let's see your usual style now!


Splashed, it's more than just in the tag, in that the actual tshirt tag is removed and they print the info on the inside of the back like they do with tagless tshirts. It's very cool. Especially since I cut the tags out of all my shirts anyways, and this way makes it so I have all the info still there and the tag's already gone. Definitely unique, it's part of what makes Threadless shirts special. I love having the artist info always available for reference (and no itchy tags!).

Splashed Ink
Splashed Ink profile pic Artist

Well hell yeah. :D


I would move the design up higher. If you tuck in your shirt like most people do you'll lose a good chunk of the guy's face. Other than that I like this a lot.


i don't see anything wrong with a signature on your art, even if it is on the tag. it's not like it's a HUGE eye sore of a thing... if it were half the size of your entire graphic or something, that'd be different. but as it is here, i don't see any problem with it. just my opinion. :)


"like most people do"

Like most dorks do, you mean.

But I guess dorks have to wear t-shirts too. Though where do you put your pocket protector?


First reaction: "Wow."

I didn't even notice the signature, and for the love of God, keep the speech bubble! That's what knocked this one up from a 4 to $5 for me.

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