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I got the idea for an illustration for "Space for Rent" many years ago after driving by a billboard. After I wrote it down, it remained a note on a small piece of paper for a longest time. The spaceman arriving to check out the space for rent evolved while I worked on the "words" themselves. It feels good to finally created it. Even better to have designed for a Tee shirt. I'm Very excited to be posting it as my very first submission.

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It would almost be just as good as just the text on the front of thtee and maybe the spaceman on the back neck? Really awesome idea and so well executed. Is that spaceman about to go to work? if so, hahahaha!


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Seriously cool, I love the play on words. The space man carrying coffee and a newspaper are great touches

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Thanks so far the positive responses.

NOTE: The above comment under my name was the result from a forwarded link. This person voted without signing up, so it showed up here under my own name. Ooops .


Hahaha! Very cool.

Please score my design.
Thank you! =D


frickinawesome's idea is great. I still love it though!

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Thank you all so much for the positive and constructive feedback!
I had experimented with the placement of the spaceman before submitting my first design. I decided this way, he was entering the "Space" through the airlock door under the sign. Hmm, if it goes to print, maybe it can be offered 2 ways. 1) like this, or 2) the spaceman on the upper back (which I had tried once before ultimately posting it this way) We will see hopefully.

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