Space Cowboy Revised

Design by kevindujour

Space Cowboy Revised by kevindujour on Threadless
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Have the star and gun smaller, the cowboy should be the most prominent. It looks great on the blues and purple. Nice retouches.


umm, it's Real Purdy! ;)


nice design, looks like his arm is a little stumpy tho


I often gaze up at the constellation Colt Peacemaker and wonder, are there gunslingers out there?


I haven't felt this passionate about a shirt in a while.
I love this design.
A lot.


i like this. i agree that the star and the gun should be a tad smaller, just to make the "space cowboy" a little more prominent. otherwise, i'm all over this design. good stuff.


I LOVE this shirt too. definitely make the cowboy most prominent and the star and gun a little smaller.
i don't think of it as a girls shirt only-- i'm a dude and i'd wear it.
'course i'm a gay dude.
but cowboys rock!
i hope threadless makes this into a T because i bet it'd sell like griddlecakes round a cowboy campfire.

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