Sour Milk

Design by Bakpak Mak

Sour Milk by Bakpak Mak on Threadless
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Bakpak Mak
Bakpak Mak profile pic Artist

The little cookie got his heart crumbled.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

omgz this has got me all bummed now. poor cookie. I've lost all respect for milk. great work.


can't quite see the cookiee clearly enough, but it's still hilarious and very cool! :)

Bakpak Mak
Bakpak Mak profile pic Artist

i wanted him to be in the background, thats why hes kinna toned down a bit...but thanks for the feedback!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Is that the silhouette of the original best friends forever tee? You might have to get permission from the original Threadless artist to put that in your design. Anywho, I love the idea and clear story, the main characters need a little more work tho in making them blend into the tee. Great joke!



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