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Perudoesitbetterthanu profile pic Alumni

i like the idea, but id like the design better if some of the wave was coming out of another part of the speaker, instead having a dramatic drop of blue.


dude, it's a tshirt. how much detail do you want? i don't think the idea was to make a reprint of the original, i think the point was to allude to it. whether or not it looks exactly like the hokusai original shouldn't matter as much as whether or not the design of a hokusai-like wave rushing out of a speaker looks good on a shirt.

could it use a few improvements? sure. but i think it's a cool idea.

i mean, i could say that the mona prankster tshirt sucks because the mona lisa painting looks sloppy and not like the original but the point is not to recreate the original, so i would be really dumb. and anyway, any more detail and it would look sloppy when printed on a shirt.

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