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sorry wait brb

Design by darkdog

1.99 Avg Score
1700 Votes
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  • 1.99 Avg Score
  • 1700 scores
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not sure if this infringes on copyright though
:))))))) that's soooo fun
Concept $5! Execution... meh
um pretty boring.
Hahaha, I'm sending this to my Star Wars nutto friend.
the space BEFORE the comma in 'During the battle ,Rebel' is REALLY bothering me, but I'm sure they can fix that before printing. $4 from me!
nice humor put some stars in the background and put a little more effort into it so it really resembles the Star Wars opening and you've got a print - if not at Threadless, then at some other shirt store or online shop. Here's a video to work from for the stars and font
I feel really bad saying this, but I don't really get it. Oh thank god, just saw Chris's comment. I am not alone. Could someone possibly explain this?
I understand that, just not why this is in a star wars movie
FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
I have less of a problem with the comma, font etc than the fact that has anyone noticed this is half a joke? It's vaguely poking fun at how comvoluted the star wars openings are, but it doesn't really finish the job by just stopping at brb. Maybe with a smiley face or something else to finish the joke off i'd like it more or "brb k?". I'd score this pretty damned high if a few major corrections were done to this design and the designer him or herself learns to take criticism of an obviously mis-placed comma. to be printed on Threadless, shirts have to be perfect and this kind of inattention to detail might hurt your score and rightly so. Please don't submit a design until it is shining with as good a job as you could do. Good luck to you all the same.
ahahahaha lolz! ;) this shirt iz gr8! I hop u doo gud
i hate how the "artist" has to diss everybody who thinks this design sucks, which i think also, so diss me. darkdog: if you wanna create type-shirts, please make sure you use propper fonts and spell correctly. it's totally ok to misspell stuff in the comments or on a forum, but NOT on a shirt you expect hundreds of people to wear. just a thought. i don't get how you can get upset about people complaining about the comma..
nicely said copykill
If you want people to give you nice scores dissing them is not the way to go.
what's BRB?
here ya go cindylou BRB (if you weren't being sarcastic)
aeuhaeuhaeuaehaeuhaeuaheaeuhaeuhae lol 5$$$$$
well this is a great time to resub if I ever saw one. Just try to comment less next time. I love the idea but it could be executed a bit better. Listen to FrivkenAwesome, he knows of what he speaks. Remember there is no try, only do.
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