Son's Flower

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Son's Flower by sainttomn on Threadless
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sainttomn profile pic Artist

My seven year-old son drew and painted this when he was a six year-old. I thought it might make a good t-shirt, with some editing.


I love it! Though I may be a little bias seeing as you are my Husband and he is my son too. :P


I'd love to say that surprises me rockabilly.


I have a deep affection for kid art. Like, I always buy the greeting cards made by kids for different causes.

That said, I don't know if I would wear this. I could see buying it on a kids' tee

sainttomn profile pic Artist

Thanks for voting, folks. I actually meant to sub this as a critique first, but let's see how we do.


He's got skills!

Mr Vela

nice i love the colors! 4$

sainttomn profile pic Artist

Wow, I haven't check on this in a few days. I expected it to have been voted down. Thanks for keeping this alive, everyone.

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