"Son, I will protect you forever. No matter what h

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"Son, I will protect you forever. No matter what h by Flying_Mouse on Threadless
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Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

"My son, I will protect you forever. No matter what happen..."

I try make this design look good on the shirt, hope you like it! Someone say, "No demand, no killing". I would just say, "STOP KILLING!!"


you know... for the most part, the seal hunt helps out the ecosystem... and now for the flames.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

I shouldn't be laughing, should I? I think that's how I deal with tragedy.

Nice illustration, I would quite possibly wear this.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

see my slogan... I still think it's a funny slogan, even though I could never actually club something as cute as a baby seal.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Sorry guys, I try sent a email to Threadless to remove the photo. But seem it's late...

Anyhow, hope you guy get the message. Thanks.


Wow....so those in support of the innocent seals getting stabbed in the head deserve the same exact fucking punishment. Or getting shot in the kneecaps. Whichever is more painful.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

saddest. shirt. ever.




what is it with you and really powerful tee shirts??

stop being so good.


First of all, I must say that this is a very powerful design. I commend you on taking on an issue that unfortunately is still a problem in our day and age. With that being said, I think it's time for Threadless to stop making so called "humorous" or "fun" shirts and start focusing only on the political message of seal clubbing. Users should only submit designs that include a beaten and or bloody seal to spread this message. In addition, all previously printed designs should include photos of clubbed seals. For example, in the recently printed design "Biggie Was Right" there would be a photo of a bloody seal carcus right in the middle of the graph. I think Biggie would have supported the anti-seal clubbing cause as well. Keep designing great shirts like "Son I will protect you no matter what h" and we can only hope Threadless will revamp their entire approach to only focus on these poor bloody seals.

PS: I agree with CatchyFentoozler to scrap this entire design and merely make a submission of the pixelated bloody seal face.


I feel that this needs text. Red. Something short, sweet, and to the point.
i hope everyone against the seal hunt is a vegetarian.
See, I don't think so. It would be great if they were, but I'm glad to have the support of non-vegetarians too. I would rather have a meat eater who supports this kind of good cause, then someone who thinks it's alright.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Hmm.... Should I ask Threadless to remove this sub? Seem all people are just discussing for the photo, not my design.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Club sandwiches not seals.

The photos makes a full grown man cry.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Mouse is an activist in disguise.

aled profile pic Alumni

Not ever something I'd wear to be honest. But you're such a nice guy! Lol. The only think wrong about seal clubbing is that is involves killing a really cute animal. They are a part of God's bounty and are game to be bludgened as far as I'm concerned. For the right reasons, naturally. :-)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Kirstinlovesdinner just called Flying Mouse a douche. This is officially a sign of this comment section being terribly funny and just plain wierd. As for me, I'm really not into shirts that make old women start crying in the streets when they see me walk by (that's what should happen when i push them into the gutter and steal their change purse), but if i was to be wearing a tee involving a seal being clubbed, I'd like it to be ironic and have the singer SEAL on it. I mean, c'mon, after the 3,000th time that day you heard "kiss from a rose" when Batman Forever was released, admit it, you wanted that somewhat talented scarfaced individual clubbed to death. I still love ya FM and love the design and emotional depth of the piece. I just simply wouldn't wear this.


Great drawing of course and good for you for creating something you feel strongly about.


hfa_chica09 Andre is one of my favourite childhood movies.
I still quote it.
I have it on VHS.
I think the design is a bit confusing in the way the images are over layed.
I though the seal in the foreground was a whale at first.
Still a very well illustrated image of something you hold passion towards.
Nothing wrong with that.


Everyone hug xardox!

Xardox needs a hug!


Nah - I'm coming to hug YOU!

C'mere! C'mere! Ah'm gonna getcha!


People eat seal.

It's pretty fatty, I think.

The Jolly Brewer

I know, they eat seal flipper pie in the shipping news.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

I don't think so, artmonkey. People also against bull fighting and shark hunting to get the shark's fin. It's just the issue of inhumaine.


What happened to the clubbed seal photos? Way to step down. It's apparent that you are a "true" activist. I guess you don't care about the baby seals anymore.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

shut the hell up bmoser86 -

FM - good job working your convictions into t-art -

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

I don't see the photos everybody's talking about, but I'm glad I don't have to see them, anyway I've already seen horrible videos about seal clubbing on tv. As regards to the design, it's nicely done, but it's too sad for me to wear it.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

I believe that not all peoples against seal hunting, they have some supporter for the hunting also.

bmoser86, I know what I'm doing. Good luck to you.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Actually I have request Threadless to take it down before this sub up running, just maybe they are a bit busy lately. But finally Craig replaced the new image for me, thanks man.

Aristarchus, what can I say is you really care about this issue. Thanks for all you comments.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Yay, the distracting pictures are gone! I have to say, it's amazing the (negative) difference they made... I've just rescored this, it's quite good, actually!


Seal meat tastes like liver.

I think the adult seal lying on the ground looks a bit wierd.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

i dont like seals being killed. So let's see, why exactly would I want to depict it on my t-shirt?

Nice design, but really the wrong context in which to show it.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

sadly with dead seals and a man clubing one... its just as easy to read as "I enjoy clubbing seals" as it is "I am against it"
Each problem needs those that fight for it, but I think we have more pressing issues like war and genocide at the moment for this to be a buy so 5 and keep pumping them out mouse

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Ellsswhere, I have done the sub for "war", try check out my previous sub.

Thanks for all comments so far. Keep comment it, good or bad are welcome.


The problem with the shirt isn't that it's "sad" but that it is only "sad". It is conceptually and politically shallow. Like a "Support Our Troops" magnetic yellow ribbon on one's SUV, it is literally the least you could do to address a terribly complex problem. All it says is "clubbing seals is bad". That's it. Nothing more. It's kneejerk sentimentality amped up with schmaltzy anthropomorphism.

I'm reminded of the Simpsons episode in which Marge is in a community art exhibition and one of the paintings displayed is of a unicorn standing before a scene of environmental destruction with a tear rolling down its cheek and the word "WHY?" written across the top. It's naïve, sentimental, and contributes nothing to a solution.

You would be better served to direct your political energy into real action and your artistic energy into beauty and funny things. The world needs more of that.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Whoosh. I really love your linework, and you always have a keen eye for layout. But if I saw someone sporting this design, I'd imagine they are supporting seal clubbing. I do not think the ending result in the art is the concept you were going for.


Flying Mouse,

Did you purposefully choose a model whose body language
would appear flippant about the topic of the design ?

The model makes your presentation funny.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Thanks Mezo, I will try improve my design on my coming sub.

Helo, I hope Threadless will add more model photos soon. There looking good, lol...

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni






Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

for jesus!

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