sometimes it's hard being the only one

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sometimes it's hard being the only one by RaveDave on Threadless
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I always hated see-saws :/

The monster guy is cute, but maybe make the see-saw a bit more colorful and interesting.


yeah... i like that!!!! really great!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Maybe if he were imagining another monster on the other side having the time of its life it would be more convincing and fun to look at? I like the idea, but it needs something a bit more. The mosnter's non-face freaks me out!


I think it would be more effective if the monster looked sad or upset that no one will play with him. As it is, it just looks like he's thinking very calmly about something, perhaps his income taxes.


I agree with FRICKINAWESOME about the non-face being bothersome


The one eyed monster has no one to play with? I'm not so sure that's a metaphor I'd want to be rockin' :P

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