Sometimes I Just Wish I Was An Octopus

Design by loremandipsum

Sometimes I Just Wish I Was An Octopus by loremandipsum on Threadless
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This should be a text tee. Times 100. Great job.


i think this is amazing, awesome style
i would definitely wear this


I don't see why it couldn't be a type-tee WITH the character, personally. The text is the main focus, after all, so I feel like it should qualify even with the character. I wouldn't want it changed a bit.

My point was more to say that most of the Typetees leave me cold, so if printing this as one of those would give it a better shot of life, I'd be all for it. A good slogan shirt should have a solid slogan and also be interesting to look at, like any shirt. To me, this fits the bill.

northerlywind profile pic Alumni

Yeah, what debauched said. Also a little confusing.


this should definitely be subbed into the threadless loves type contest, awesome stuff


the image overlayed on the type looks awesome

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