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Someone's following me by Gabrielng on Threadless
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Gabrielng profile pic Artist

Ever walked alone and felt like you were being followed?


Ya, needs a lot of work, but the concept is there and it's great.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

A lil' sloppy for you Gabriel, which i can only assume is what you meant because we all know you could do a better job at bringing this idea crisply to life if you wanted to. I still enjoy this from a nostalgic standpoint and i like how pacman looks like someone trying to not be noticed AND The King of Pop at the same time!


Wait, are they supposed to look pixelated?

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cool ;D


If i got this right, seeing your other submissions, i must say that the idea is great the execution is awful


kidn of cool, but why is he crying. If he is it should be like because of mrs pacman.

Usman S

It might be that I am missing something about the intended Pacman aesthetic, but the perspective of the brick wall is really off, and that throws this off badly. The lines should seem to be getting closer to each other as the wall recedes in the distance.

Usman S

btw I should add that it's a great idea, I hope you can work on the execution, I don't like to see a good idea go to waste

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