Some Are Just Born Unlucky

Design by olie!

Some Are Just Born Unlucky by olie! on Threadless
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olie! profile pic Artist

Looks good on pretty much anything blue. Hmmm. . . I wonder why the dog chose to pee on the third one. . .?
We'll see where this one goes, but I mostly subbed this just 'cause I need to sub more. . .

courtney pie

oh man, wish i had snow in my yard. i'd make it just like your sub! lol

murraymullet profile pic Alumni

I think because he is the most phallic of the three


either do the pee on the snowperson or the funky branch arms - both is confusing.


The funky branch arms make him look like a fire hydrant, which is why the dog picked him. :)

polynothing profile pic Alumni

$5 good stuff!


hahahah i totally laughed out loud at this! i love the angry snowman's face

courtney pie

lmao! a dog just peed on a snowman on Pushing Daisies! fantastic

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I thought at first they were pointing and luaghing because of his log hands he couldn't move. I didn't even notice the pee until after you guys pointe dit out. Maybe have a doggie walking away or at least half of him before he fades out and make the spot more realistic? Nice idea tho. Or even an entire snowman made out of yellow snow trying to kiss a girl snowwoman or something.


Hahahahaha, love the design. It's a great holiday shirt, although I don't think it can be made in time for this year. :(

Good luck to you!


Ha i love this on the hoodie. 5$

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni



LOL! I don't know that I'd wear it (I'm not really the type to wear a shirt with pee on it), but it's funny and well drawn. :)


Yeah- I think there should be a dog walking away or something...would love it on a hoodie


oh, poor guy


Wonderful use of warm colors on the cool blue background.

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