Solar Winds

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Solar Winds by locatei on Threadless
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i agree with bradland but other than that, well done!


f***ing awesome! and keep the traditional nine planets - it's more symbolic that way, i think. $5


Keep Pluto. It's a throwback to us being people who wear shirts that are not in the mainstream anyway.

Pluto deserves to be remembered by Threadless! heh.


keep Pluto, but instead of having it sit there floating. . .
have it as a just popped bubble with its spray where it is now


Enough planets designs... I like the idea, but it took me a while to realize they're supposed to be interpreted as soap bubbles.


Great, and of course "keep Pluto" !


$5 if pluto stays

ladykat profile pic Alumni

this is fab. i love it. i agree with bradland, the planets should be placed a little less linearly. i like library queen's idea of keeping pluto but drawing it in mid-pop . . . would be a nice continuation of the bubble theme.


Since Pluto isn't a planet anymore it would be cooler without it.. But nevertheless, 4.


$5, keep Pluto, no popping.


keep, keep, keep, keep, keep, keep, keep, keep, POP ! :D


Go ahead and just resubmit this design with the POPPED Pluto. Those who want to keep Pluto will vote high for the submission you have up now, and the rest of us who want to see Pluto popped will vote high on your resubmission.


Be sure to give it a title related to Pluto . . . . Maybe something like " In Space No One Hears You Pop ", " How Many Planets Are There ? ", or " Have You Ever Seen Uranus ? " ( kidding! )

.onion profile pic Alumni

odd design, but the colors are amazing!


Keep's still there...I can't quite make out what the bubble she's blowing is. Like the purples and blues.


If you're going to keep Pluto, then why not include the Xena
"planet" too ? From Wikipedia's entry about Pluto : "On July 29, 2005, a Trans-Neptunian object called 2003 UB313 (nicknamed "Xena") was announced, which on the basis of its magnitude and simple albedo considerations is assumed to be slightly larger than Pluto. This was the largest object discovered in the solar system since Neptune in 1846. Discoverers and media initially called it the "tenth planet", although there was no official consensus at the time on whether to call it a planet. Others in the astronomy community considered the discovery to be the strongest argument for reclassifying Pluto as a minor planet."
Check out this picture comparing Xena, Pluto and other objects found in our Solar System recently. Here's another good link --- the definition of PLANET.


2.36 is a pretty decent score. Threadless has printed lower scored designs such as Goodbye My Hopes and Dreams.., M For Monkey, and Magical Powers! -- Here's two more that are right around your score : My Green Forest and Funkalicious. So my suggestion for you is to go for making another version while making sure you come up with a new title and that your opening comment helps viewers to see the changes you made so they understand they're not voting for your previous design again. My suggestion becomes moot if Threadless prints your "Solar Winds" design -- which would be very sweet for you! :)


One more design construtive criticism -- the bubble wand gets lost in the hand of the lady. Maybe you would like to position the hand and wand something closer to these images : image 1, image 2, image 3.

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