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Soft Bomb by hogboy on Threadless
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BasicShift profile pic Alumni

wowsa... great use of zipatone dithering here! love it!

staffell profile pic Alumni

fucking sickkkkk 5$

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Wow - great design. 5$


Totally hot, but I'm disappointed that it's a Gil Elvgren girl. Also, is that your name (hogboy) on the bomb?

cuypi profile pic Alumni


grayehound profile pic Alumni

Trav is right, the Elvgren clan are copyright hounds. still the colors and layout are awesome. And someone else remembers ZIPATONE! Yehaw, BasicShift!

hogboy profile pic Artist

Just to clarify, as Trav, Alphabetapi, Redsugar & Grayehound have mentioned, yes the girl is a re-working of an Elvgren pinup.
The initial idea was to take an obvious piece of pop culture & place it in a fantastic situation... I went for the girl actually on the bomb as opposed to being painted on the side of the bomber.
I do wish that I was as aware as Trav & Graye of the Elvgren clans reputation as copyright hounds, I woulda gone for a different image... or perhaps in hindsight I just shoulda taken that extra lifedrawing class...dang!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Copyright infringment or not, you've done a great job mixing old & new. And that halftone background ties everything together perfectly.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

concept is great, love the bomb, but agree with the need for redrawing the cowgirl. [her shading makes her look a bit odd]
great design.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Wow great!!!

hogboy profile pic Artist

Cheers Trav... I've given this a lot of though on my way into town. Truth is the idea for this, as I've said was to put a recognisable piece of pop culture into a fantastic or ironic setting. I honestly wasnt trying to claim the pinup girl as my own piece of work. That said heres where I think I've gone wrong - it's one thing to directly parody pop culture for example Dark Side of The Garden using Darth & the death star as subject material or JC Was a Streaker using the Michael OBrien photo ( ) -as long as the parodied subject matter is sufficiently stylised as to be original... Probably what I should've done is stylised the Elvgren pinup a whole bunch more - to make it easily recognisable but original.

Truth is, unlike a score of artists here (Graye, Mezo, Trav, Mr Rocks, John2 etc etc) character illustration is not my forte. Consequently I have a tendency to fall back on reference photos when trying to create realistic looking human characters in my design... Perhaps with this sub I have unintentionally crossed the line in what is acceptable & not.

I think I will rework this design with a more stylised girl, sub it & see how it scores, partially for the sake of credibility amongst the threadless community but more as a challenge to myself.

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

that's awesome!


^Wow - I'm floored.

Mad Props to you for actually thinking it through rationally - seeing that fine line between parody and possible infringement - and owning up to "unintentionally cross[ing] the line".

It can be hard to see sometimes. And most people just get angry and defensive.

You've done some good work - you should definitely re-work this with a new girl.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

I don't know how anal the Elvgren family are, but this is on the line I reckon. I think you have changed it enough, but at the end of the day the 'judge' could feel it's a rip.

I'm still giving it a 5 and have admired this design since I say it. Everyone know I love chicks on bombs!!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

'saw it'


excellent, truly excellent.


That is nice. In every sense of the word. Well done, Hogboy. $5

hogboy profile pic Artist

haha....I am. This one never got used for DViCE.

fc gravy

that sucker is bootyful! $5


Excellent attitude, hogboy. I'm voting 5 on this just for your mature response and plans to rework it into a design that's more of your own work.

Ava Adore

wow, awesome work


0Jim0 profile pic Alumni

nice use of screening.

hogboy profile pic Artist

for those who care I spent half of today reworking the pinup girl... curse this whole copyright/moral obligation thang! My girl looks as stiff as Hayden Christensen in the new Star Wars!
I swear the human physique is the most challenging subject material there is... especially the female physique.... gahhhh (he screams breaking pencil)




doctor - i feel a strange love for this shirt...

skello2 profile pic Alumni

very, very nice.......i want it $5

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

this gets my $5, love it

label profile pic Alumni


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