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socks that rocks!


ha ha ha
sock puppets coming out of my chest :)


"her name was ZANZIBAR!!!!!"


i like it cause its odd enough but the plain circle is killing it for me


concept is a good idea...
but it just looks REALLY WIERD


i had no idea what it was until I read ppls comments--hand puppey thingies? I totally thought it was some kind of anal probe or something... the hands look like wood, not moveable hand things.

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hmmm... i don't know, they seem fine to me, hehehe, but if you said so, ok, i'm not going to argue, we have different POV's, so peace, i hope you'll like my next 2 designs coming up =)


i like it in grey, upper side.

i can imagine one of my friends getting this and immediately running up to the first person they see, screaming, "OMG! SOCKS PUPPETS ARE RIPPING OPEN MY CHEST!!!"

haha. 5.


It took me a minute to figure it out... between the coloring of the puppets and the placement and shadowing of the arms the design looks to me like the arms of a crab, pincer and all.

I like the concept, however!

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