Sock Monsta: Redux

Design by snaggle tooth

Sock Monsta: Redux by snaggle tooth on Threadless
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snaggle tooth
snaggle tooth profile pic Artist

Threadless could pick different colors/types of fabric (plaid, stripes, solids, argyle), cut them to my sock shape and stitch them to the shirt. This would add a level of uniqueness and would work for any age group. ENJOY!

snaggle tooth
snaggle tooth profile pic Artist

sorry it isn't a skull, tree, bird or mario. threadless embroiders and they do what they want...obviously every shirt wouldn't have a different fabric. Maybe groups of 100 or something.

jasmintee profile pic Alumni

LOL what a funny idea !

soloyo profile pic Alumni



I think I love you.....Great Design! 5


Stuff like this would be rad; Threadless did the "different stuff on same shirts" with the birdy in the pocket tee, so why not this?


YaaH profile pic Alumni


What a funny idea. :o)

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