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society aint going to tell this giant squid and sp

Design by d5christ

society aint going to tell this giant squid and sp by d5christ on Threadless
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  • 2.26 Avg Score
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I like it...5
staffell profile pic Alumni
bulletsalvador, at 4:11pm on Mar 13, 2006 nice for a girl... not all girls like cutesy animals with hearts. It's cute, but I won't wear it, maybe my little sister would.
d5christ profile pic Artist
the full title of this shirt is: "society aint going to tell this giant squid and sperm whale who to love" I believe girls should only be allowed to wear t-shirts that display "cutesy animals with hearts". This belief of mine will, hopefully, one day become a law (fingers crossed). Most of these "cutesy" shirts should include the "cutesyest" animal of all ....the giant squid.
Cute, but not a buy at the moment. All the colours that you've chosen (for both the characters and the shirt itself) are too light, which means that it seems like the shirt is already very faded and worn. Boosting up the circle behind them would contrast better and make the characters pop out.
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