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That's very funny.


Aren't the dad's the ones with the pouches though?


No title, so that soccer dads can wear it too!


Is it a flock or pack of penguins, school or troop? Let's say a team for now. Add some more penguins doing whatever they do or imply that this penguin is somewhere....great concept though...oh yeah, soccer dads don't exist...they're called hockey dads...


Take burgz's advice to make it a gathering of penguin parents tending to their soccer balls, and put them all on a green soccer field (don't forget a goalpost!).


@bballstar23 -- that's seahorses. ;o) Design is too plain, but you could definitely do more with the idea.


I don't know. If it is a bunch of penguins with soccer balls, might it not just look like a bunch of penguins playing a weird form of soccer? I'm thinking about it. Thanks

Not at all -- I think enough people saw March of the Penguins that they would automatically know that the penguins were incubating their soccerballs, as it were. And if you called if you wanted the shirt to appeal to both genders, you could call it "Soccer 'Rents" to keep it snappy ("Soccer Parents" does sound blah...) or you could have the mommy penguins coming back with yellow cards under their wings (but I think that might push the design into being too busy... depends on how it's drawn I guess).


you can never be sick of penguins, fairy. they are only the coolest birds ever. that is a travesty.

i would most certainly buy this shirt.

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