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So many items! by Splashed Ink on Threadless
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Splashed Ink
Splashed Ink profile pic Artist

How does he carry all that stuff?

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

As a Zelda lover, I must confess, this appeals to me greatly. Great job!


Wicked 5$$$$$$$$$


He conjures it.

Very awesome work!


Hah! This is great! It made me chuckle out loud.

mangobajito profile pic Alumni

Great idea!!! I like it a lot :)


haha nice take on it, I've wondered the same thing while playing games like zelda, pokemon or even world of warcraft.. i know they have bags but it seems pretty crazy carrying all those stuff.. lol

R-evolution GFX
R-evolution GFX profile pic Alumni

Haha love it, always seemed ridiculous how many items he could have

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