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So ambitious!? by Intarzista on Threadless
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Although blind, some of the resourcefull ones know how to make this work for them!?

This one goes on a tee,
it is iPod friendly as well,
and looks good on a hoodie too.

Everybody looks taller in it,
kids will want to pick up the snail,
and aliens will use it for camouflage! :)

green tee with 6 colour design_regular print

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Strange, it kind of looks like slugs on top of numero two pencils.

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Hallo everybody, I'm back with a fresh one....hope you'll like it!
Notification: Please leave the snails on, I'll need them for next seven days! Thank you! ;))




nice concept.


Cool idea and the art is great. They do look a little like they are sitting on pencils, as FA said.

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You can tell that people have been doing some serious hand drawing, everything looks like it is sitting on a pencil.....hahaaa :)) Just kiding, but regarding this yellow trail, I can say I was just playing with design......I liked this vivid colour combo and didn't want escargo to look too gross with a slimey trail. This way I also get this "speed - race" thing going on without puting START or GOAL sign anywhere. Thankee guys, I'm looking forward to your comments to this, how it turned out, "controversial" design :)) Fun everywhere!!! ;)




go nakey snail go! so very cute. and i don't think a slightly darker green slime trail would look gross at all. :)

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I like it just that way! Great idea, and looks great on Tee! 5$$


i think itll looks great on tee

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Than you people! Enjoy the weekend ahead.....have some sun!!! :)))


Maybe if you made the trails white instead of yellow, that way you would keep the speed lines look and move away from the pencil look. Nice design though.

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Thank you guys for your comments....didn't do extra promotion on this one, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. Anyhoo, you were great.....see you next time with fresh design, and in the mean time "fun and games for everyone!".....:)))

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