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Totally agree w/ onaga. Cute idea, but lose text and traditionalize face.


haha should give him a snow tail


snow trails, depth via snow trail like lines among the little ones - would be very good
text -stylized (dripping, or something, but no good as-is) I think that the concept is strong enough w/o it
monster- if you made a snow godzilla, it would be very funny, and drive home the 'snowzilla' even more
illustration-simplistic. good examples of complex but not overdone (IMO) are:,_we_have_a_problem

the second one is a great example of a 3-d landscape being expressed w/ one color

I like the concept, but the shirts on this site tend to have astounding illustration quality


Dude, don't bother submitting designs you do in MSPaint. This could be a great design, but don't resubmit till you redo it in photoshop, add proper shading and a real nose.


This is pretty ghetto looking, but it's a fun idea. I'd love to be all over it with $$$, but just an average score for now.

mezo profile pic Alumni

nice idea, bad interpretation.


Calvin and Hobbes, much?

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