Snowmen at the Summit

Design by mj00

Snowmen at the Summit by mj00 on Threadless
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The abominable snowman and his son have a frosty discussion.


aww why is he saying that?

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To clarify... The concept is that snowmen are cold. It doesn't matter what caused the tiff (was it Frosty's corncob pipe? The fact that he wears a hat, while his father eschews clothing? Any of these, or millions of other options, could be true). It's a play on the concept of coldness (i.e., location is cold as are their words) and the fact that the two snowmen are very dissimilar.


Ha ha ha! I love the concept. It could have been executed better but w/e.


I think it's a confused concept, executed in a confused way.

I understand what you're saying, but there would be simpler ways to show this.



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