Snoozin\' Vamp

Design by lunchboxbrain

Snoozin\' Vamp by lunchboxbrain on Threadless
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Yeah, he keeps hitting the snooze button. Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I too felt the coffin was a little large but in relation to the other objects in the piece, it seemed right. I may rework this for a future sub. Thanks again!


That's hilarious!! The vamp can't get up. I had a friend in colllege who would hit the snoze button for an hour. It's irritating!

Dr. Elusis

needs reworking to give more depth, less flatness, but the iconcept is funny.


The tables perspective looks a tad off to me in comparison to the coffin. I agree with a few other people that it needs a bit more detail. Maybe more of a gothic feel to it in the details. I really like your concept however it's worth working on!


Also, it might be cute to have some false teeth of something more on his bedside table.


this is great origional concept clear idea simple yet effective art pat on the back.


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