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Snip-tees - one shirt.. so many options! Choose a style and cut along the dotted lines provided by the designer. Go long or short; sleeved or sleeveless; play around with any combination you'd like and when your snip-tee gets old and tattered from wearing it EVERYWHERE, cut it into a tie! Tadaaaa! Oh and it gets better! You can color it with fabric markers to get different looking shirts all the time! So don't just buy it.. DESIGN it!


hahaha love! $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cool $5


love it ! $5


cool, but your selling the color it with markers, but you can color any shirt with markers, that's not unique to this shirt or any shirt really

Myteee profile pic Alumni

fabrichi.. we can color any tee with marker, but here the buyer has guidelines and kind of inspiration to interact with the tee. So it changes everything. The fact that you can go slowly cutting it and giving it a different look is interesting too.. again because of the guidelines... good one... finally one guide lined idea that seems to work. The only thing is that the changes are permanent. you will not be able to go back to the starting point.... oh! you can buying another one :).. Congrats.

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Thank you all so much :) And yep.. you can buy as many tees and cut them as many ways as you want! :)


super awesome!!!that's really cool!!..5 a million times over!


Oh wowowowowow! I love the idea! One of the best entries out of all those I've seen so far! I would like some slots to be pre-coloured in (for example like what is shown in the round inset picture), because I like the tee to have some colour from the start. But well done, what a nice design with a practical touch!

gr3mlin profile pic Artist

thanks everyone!


Clever concept! Love how you've pushed the challenge! Great work!


Proper nice! ^_^

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