Sniff Trees

Design by elleevee

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elleevee profile pic Artist

trees smell nice

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Seems very cocaine or illegal drug-ish to me. Plus, im allergic to freshly cut grass and nature in general! AHHH! lol. I do enjoy the flow of this one tho and might like it more if the nose and hand weren't straight-up white and overpower the tree in the design.


I love the simplicity of this, yet it's so stylized.

Cheddar Bearer

It's a great idea but the design doesn't quite make it clear enough as to what is going on


i love it

platinum profile pic Alumni

love it!!! wish he was exhailing the tree from his mouth but it's still awesome.

franx profile pic Alumni

that score is a shame:(

Richard_Lee profile pic Alumni

i second that. this shirt looks nice, really nice

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