Sneak Attack

Design by speedyjvw

Sneak Attack by speedyjvw on Threadless
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good call with the name!


is there a glow in the dark competition? if not there should be.

jublin profile pic Alumni

i like the fat guy because fat guys are FUNNY! and i'm glad he looks scared because fat guys are ALWAYS scared. you little sneak! 50/50.

herky profile pic Alumni

nice characters, should look great with the glow ink.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

lol. this reminds me of the mr. show parody "the curse of the house of the creatures ghost" or whatever it was called. Hey, more glow in the dark designs are needed on threadless. I'd like shadows being casted by everyone on the tee, but nice job nonetheless.

speedyjvw profile pic Artist

im sorry if this is unclear
the point is they are supposed to be the same shirt
the top one is what is would look like in day light
you cant see the monster because the ink used is glow in the dark
the 2nd one is what it would look like if it was glowing


like it!

.onion profile pic Alumni

Cool idea, but your style is really kiddy.


this is adorable. i love how you drew them. :D

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