Snake In Her Car

Design by olasnavigator

Snake In Her Car by olasnavigator on Threadless
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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Needs moar snakes!


terrific illo


The bottom line is, talent has nothing to do with this.

And you will be scored accordingly.

Ryder profile pic Alumni

yeah i see the livetrace look too....but hey, if you did draw this then i say good job....

still though the design isn't that interesting in my opinion. keep on designing though!


cool angle


If it looks like livetrace, it will forever look like livetrace... ASTOUNDING hard work tracing out by hand, but next time smooth it out more (less jiggly line edges) so it DOES look like human work instead of a computer.

I am impressed, but wouldn't wear it for fear of having to explain to so many that it wasn't live trace...

live trace just isn't art, and won't cut it.

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