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Pez Banana

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leech_ profile pic Alumni

nice typo!


I dont want to be rude, I just want to examine the other side of the coin. I dont think this is a strong example of typography. None of the fonts chosen, all of which are taken directly from, match what the text is communicating, and your typesetting is also uninspired. Also I feel you rely too hard upon widely known pop culture references, without putting your own spin or perspective on them, to win favor for your submission, instead of creating something well designed.

Binxent profile pic Alumni

Wow! $5

quick-brown-fox profile pic Artist

Beantownman - you're welcome to your opinion. 1. When using type on a shirt one has to be careful with the fonts chosen because of copyright. Thankfully, all of the fonts from the site you mentioned are free to use, which is why I chose them, all be it carefully. 2. The typesetting is inspired by letterpress posters, of which I've been a fan for quite some time. Also, this design is a sequel, and I wanted to retain the style of the original. 3. The whole point of this design is that it's a pop culture reference produced in an antiquated style. There are little illustrative details which I'm super happy with, such as the addition of decorative STARS, the particular blasters I've chosen and the frazzled smoking type. 4. Finally, as for creating something well designed surely this is down to personal taste and preference. I''m super happy with this design, and all of my designs, as I'm sure you do yours.

campkatie profile pic Alumni

great sequel. Love what you did with the smoking "kid". If you did an entire series of these as posters, they would sell like hot cakes.

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Amen, brother.

  1. I am aware of usage constraints, however there is a world of free to use fonts out there in the internet. Choosing only fonts from the lostype website is just lazy, especially because they are extremely popular right now. These fonts are getting really old really fast and you are just contributing to that.

  2. You can't just use as many fonts as you can and then say it was inspired by letterpress posters. There was a certain intentionality to the way victorian posters were set, and your design lacks that intentionality. And I would have all the same critiques for the original shirt as I would have for this one.

  3. You are already taking something that was spoken and translating it to a visual medium. Your choice to take one step more and apply your antiquated style to it is conceptually confusing.

  4. Im not saying this is not a likable design, im just saying that it is a poor design. Its pandering and its derivative, and I dont think im the only one who thinks that.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

fuck off beantownman. no one calls it beantown, you yuppie

Resistance profile pic Alumni

Beantown, you ignorant slut.

No, but seriously folks.

I think the chosen fonts and placement strike a good mix between variety of typography as well as balance. You can't have each word or set of words perfectly represented by a "matching" font. When people do that it looks forced and contrived. This looks both professional and thoughtful.

Oh, and the comment section is really not meant for this type of banter so go find a new hobby, Beantown.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Awesome work, John!

beantownman - It's tough to find cool type that don't break the bank so I see nothing wrong with using what's out there if it suits the design. I don't find the "antiquated style" conceptually confusing at all. George Lucas partly based Star Wars on old serial action/adventure shows from the 50's so I think a retro style is appropriate and also happens to look great.

Also why is it that the most super-critical people out there usually have sub-par portfolios? Man, if your going to give someone a huge critique you're own work better be pretty awesome. I checked it out and sorry dude, it's not. This may come as a huge shock, but you're not the master of typography you seem to think you are. Truthfully you aren't even qualified to give him any kind of critique at this point because his work is so much better than yours. Maybe instead you should be asking for his advice?


This is exactly what the comment section is for. At least im not calling people names for voicing their opinions.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

but, I'm not calling you names, just voicing my opinion. If you're going to dish it out, you'd also better be ready to take it.


Your mean. Im here trying to give an honest constructive critique on a specific piece, Im not wrecking anyones portfolio, on other peoples comment sections. You should watch your words man.


Your mean. Im here trying to give an honest constructive critique on a specific piece, Im not wrecking anyones portfolio, on other peoples comment sections. You should watch your words man.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

actually, when a design is up for scoring I don't think the comment section is meant for a huge, wordy critique. If you have that much to say about it you should email the artist out of courtesy so you're not high-jacking his comment section and detracting from the other positive comments.

Also let's face it, your intention wasn't really to give a constructive critique, but to get him upset. If I thought you were genuinely trying to be helpful I'd feel differently because I'm all for constructive criticism.


The comment section is for peoples opinions on the design at hand, whatever form that takes. Just because I chose to say something more then the usual "great! Im giving you a 5+" doesn't make me a monster. I have no intention of getting the designer upset. I love his previous submissions. I felt this was below the usual standard. Wouldn't you want that kind of feedback? Once you put something out there in the world, it is for people to judge. And also this is not detracting from his submission, its probably helping. People love drama, and now hes got a 30 comment count. 31 if you count your next witty retort.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

you're right, people love drama and the comment count is indeed growing, but now people aren't looking at the design, they're probably distracted by our silly comments. it appears that you're also one of those people who loves a little drama?

Anyway, no, I wouldn't want the kind of feedback you're offering because it doesn't really seem that constructive and wasn't balanced. You didn't point out how things might be improved, but just basically made a negative list tearing it down. Also I pretty much disagreed with everything you had to say about it.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Lol and of course you're not a "monster" for having your opinions, but you do come off as a bit of a shit-disturber with too much time on his hands.


Yea people are getting distracted and your just adding fuel to the flame. You turned this into a thing that it didn't need to be, and you are the one being mean, trashing my portfolio, and calling me a shit-disturber. I dont know where you are from, but I have never heard that phrase (shit-disturber) before in my life. You say my criticism wasn't constructive or balanced? Look at your words on my portfolio. Was there anything constructive about that? You've got to practice what you preach. And talk about time on my hands, look at you going around like the vigilante of threadless, defending designs that get the teeniest bit of criticism when obviously they are doing great, with your strange foreign insults. Don't act so high and mighty.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

I always find it ironic how the worst critics are usually super-sensitive when anything is directed their way. Really, I wasn't even trying to be "mean", but I'm sorry if it came off like that. I just thought you needed a reality check.

However, maybe you're right and I'm the one being a shit-disturber. Maybe I have too much time on my hands. Maybe you're genuinely trying to help in your own way because apparently you love his other work. Maybe I'm just in a lousy mood and shouldn't even be responding to you?


Maybe I am a little critical and design snob. Maybe I did speak out of turn. Maybe I did put this in the wrong place. It was a bad day for the both of us. Why dont we call it a night?

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

The most reasonable thing you've said yet. I need to get back to watching TV anyway.


hmmm, I like it :-)


You can't please everyone, but you pleased me. Quick Brown Fox's design's have heart, that's why we like them.

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

Greedo got smoked by one of them blasters nicely

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