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MY KIND! yes!


TOTTALY MY KIND !!! $$$ very good job ;)

soloyo profile pic Alumni



perfect colors! print!

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Awesome illustration and line work.


Ha! I remember this movie. Nice work


Very nice idea!! Awesome illustration! $5!!

-Cringe- profile pic Artist

thanks everyone! i've got some of the original artwork specially for you!

at first i wanted to use the smorkin rabbit instead of a car, but i couldn't include other characters other than the "bot", looking back on it i'm loving the car now!


Awesome style, dig this!

-Cringe- profile pic Artist

the model of the car is based on a trabant, a funny looking retro car that we see a lot in eastern europe!


So much awesome! Love all the wicked details!


-Cringe- profile pic Artist

thanks! here is the full art!

-Cringe- profile pic Artist

alrxmdc: i got the inspiration for the car on fire from a postcard my girlfriend brought me back from berlin, maybie its one of his? i cant find him on google (;


awesome!! love your style 5!

Mike Shragal

Great work, really nice color theme

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

Here is one of his images that reminded me of this one, he is a well know artists here on Threadless

-Cringe- profile pic Artist

yep thats the one! i also got this other one turns out its from a german design brand called yack fou, i guess he is the main designer there, if its the case, yes i am a huge fan of his style!


This size suits the shirt really well :)

-Cringe- profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone, you rock! i've got a last present for you before the challenge is finished! It is another design i did for kidrobot but got rejected because of copyright terms HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

love, thomas

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