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Apocalyptee profile pic Artist

Ah, the triumphant march of a proud warrior tribe, returning home with their kill! The campfire gods will be pleased!!

Should be available in red, light blue, light purple, and sand-colored.

The art style was very loosely based on one of my favorite comics ever, The Far Side by Gary Larson.

For me, the spirit of the shirt is summed up by that one chocolatey hunter's hand raised in glorious celebration.

Apocalyptee profile pic Artist

Thanks guys! If you like it, don't forget to score it!

As for the armless/legless marshmallow, I wanted it, more than the others, to be purely an "ingredient" in the cannibal s'more that is promised in this picture.

Keep it up, guys! I LOVE THIS SITE!! :P

Apocalyptee profile pic Artist

Brown as in tan, or dark brown? Dark would conflict with the chocolatey warriors, but the tan I mentioned could be good...

olie! profile pic Alumni

really nice idea, but if it were me I would give the mallow some arms and legs and have them tied to the pole in stereotypical savage tribal fashion, and maybe even put an apple in his mouth. maybe.


I like the idea, but maybe executed adifferent way?
I'm a fussy person Lol but nice design anyway.



Apocalyptee profile pic Artist

I'm worried about a lower placement, though. I used the shoulder space to really widen out the design for maximum awesomeness. I'm afraid that if I lower it, I'll have to make the whole thing smaller, and that will ruin the effect.

Oh, well. We'll see what happens in the end. Tell your friends to check it out!


would love it on a green shirt

Apocalyptee profile pic Artist

Hmmm......I'm getting a lot of people asking for a little marshmallow person....hmmm.....

Yeah, green and light brown works for me!!

Whatever color you guys want, I'm cool with. I mean, tye-dye might work out funny, but you know....c'est la vie...


i agree with adding leaves around it

Apocalyptee profile pic Artist

Eh, they're not a protected species, it's fine. Besides, they're fluffy and delicious! :)

Apocalyptee profile pic Artist

That makes me all warm and squishy inside! Wait....I already was.....but it's nice anyways!

It's fun, it's innocuous, and it's easy to understand. Laughs for everyone who sees it on you!!


ell oh freaking ell that cracked me up hahahahaha

Apocalyptee profile pic Artist

The pictures of the people are kinda small, too. It'll be plenty big in person, I hope!! I HOPE IT GETS PRINTED!!

Apocalyptee profile pic Artist

Just for the record, Threadless, I'm all for any of the ideas people have had for this design that YOU think would work as well. I give the people what they want! :)


please print!

Apocalyptee profile pic Artist

Man, I'm so bummed that this didn't get printed! So many people seemed to like it! I'd get it printed elsewhere, but for single shirt it's like $26!

I'd resubmit, but honestly, people liked it the way it was, I don't want to change anything...

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