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oops! seems to me too!


It's funny how all those designs are so alike. obviously there was plagiarism or just coincidence...


if you find the guy that took the photo, as well as giving him props, you could pay him royalties for using his work. copyright - someone's gotta own it for this pic, and i doubt you've got permission to use it. theres way too much of this kind of thing happening on threadless. they won't get printed, so why do they get submitted?? the original designs are always way better (that handicapped piss-ripping guy excepted)

the smoke is lovely though i must say.


U should like tweak out the gun smoke a lil bit so it spells sumthing out or sumthing like that


artswork: It's possible to alter a photograph enough so that it doesn't resemble the original completely and still not break copyright law.
but I still believe this one is just too similar...

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