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Smoking/No Smoking by Jebs on Threadless
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Jebs profile pic Artist

hope you 'll like it, i know people usually don't like text, so here, it's in option, but i thought that it was interesting to keep it for the concept ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks! i am a smoker too ;-) it's not a design criticizing the smokers, but just a matter of fact


This is really nice and really clean. On grey...sweet. 5

aled profile pic Alumni

Great design, well illustrated, so I give you 4. The only prob for me and probably a few other people is wanting to stay clear of social politics. It would make a great add for an anti-smoking ad. Love the smoke detail.


i like the design. i'm a little iffy on text in general, but i think it works well with this shirt. 4

Jebs profile pic Artist

i understand you about the social and political context, that's also why i used the grim reaper, as a symbol, which is a fantasy symbol, trying not to be too hard to wear ;-)


Good call. :)

biticol profile pic Alumni

Very well done and it looks great on the shirt. $5.


A scythe is a weapon on mass destruction?
Not a bad start, but it would have made more sense, had the other end of the cigarette actually been a WMD. Like the end of a canister of VX, sarin etc.
Or if it were a HUGE cigarette and the falling ash had (or was in the form of) WMDs, other carcinogens, skull&cross-bones etc.

Jebs profile pic Artist

it's the symbol of the weapon of " the death", the grim reaper, who steal the life and soul of the human beings, that' s why i choosed it, instead of something more concrete, i think ;-)

mezo profile pic Alumni

djdole is a dolt!

Great concept, jebs. And fantabulous art! The lines are so clean and crisp. Good font choice, as well.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

I prefer sans text... think the image conveys the intent well enough on its own. Nice work.

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks you two! as i said, the text is in option, i know it's usually not necessary to put a text on a tee, but this time, i think it works, as you can read it differently, and it add a sense in this concept ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

i am pleased by your comment, really! because, i certainly thought of Magritte when i chosed to make this representation, even if the text is not written like "this is not an apple" or "a pipe", of course, i just did it for fun, but your comment touched me ;-)


Prefer it without the text. I like it when images leave it to the imagination.

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks for your time, that's appreciated :-)


makes me wanna have a cigarette

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

dude...yesss. I'm allergic to smoke, hardcore. thanks!

Jebs profile pic Artist

eheh, it's a detail i tought interesting to add in the design, to stay in the abstract domain ;-)


like the illustration. butwithout the text. or the text with a plain cigarette - without the scythe.


that freaking rules.


I really like your creativity. I give you a 5!

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks!!! i just sent a new design for the SEED contest, inspiring contest i guess :-D

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks for the learning, i know now the meaning of the word in english "scythe" (in french: "faux") :-) and for the text, people decide, even if i prefer with it...

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

simple and well done...great work...and whoever calls the fact that smoking kills "political" is an idiot

Jebs profile pic Artist

? what are you saying? i NEVER steal ideas, because, i don't understand what excitment could it brings to me, to do that...just look at my galery first, i hate when people yield about stealing when it's simply a nonsense...


so simple and the placement is great. I'm not a big shirt with a message kind of guy, but I'd actually consider wearing this one.

Jemae profile pic Alumni
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Pretty Cute Design! 5$! =)

Jebs profile pic Artist

i will fix it, you've got pretty accurate eyes ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

one day, i will definitively give up with words on designs, i'll promise :-D

Jebs profile pic Artist

hmmm...interesting thought ;-) thanks!

Jebs profile pic Artist

because i'm not printed yet at threadless :-p thanks!

Jebs profile pic Artist

Jmoore27, thank you SO much, that's kind and nice ;-)

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