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Smoking Kills (snowmen)

Design by Ste7en

Smoking Kills (snowmen) by Ste7en on Threadless
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Wow! I love this, i would so wear it! $5


hi, I love it. Use just the 3, and maybe the middle guy should be starting to melt a bit, just to tie it together...

still a 5-er...


to NonWingNut :

great article!
Snowmen smoking pipes
and selling cociane...
Winter brings all kinds of
things that make us shiver.

about the design :

The scarf is too simple.
It looks like a necklace
with a piece of paper
hanging off.

Thumbs up for the concept
being both funny and able
to place our attention on
smoking's consequences.


Cute, but I really don't like "seasonal" shirts. It's awkward to wear them at other points in the year.

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