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Smiley :) by lawrence loh on Threadless
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lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Artist

Smiley has become widely use emoticon throughout the world, therefore i hope all the geek lovers could share their interest and love and the spirit with others as to keep on advancing till the whole world could recognised their achievement and to be proud to be a GEEK!

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cool :D :D :D

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Artist

thanks for the support and comment!


Very Nice.


The tone blended with the smiley graphic is a nice call!

Although I would really love for you to submit another Geek theme in the vein of your" It's feeding time" style. That was really great!


aha funny!

baumer5 profile pic Alumni

i like!

platinum profile pic Alumni

one of my favs for the geeks contest.

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