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Smelly Shirt

Design by carolynmain

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deep space monkey
deep space monkey profile pic Alumni

Oprah can shove it. Steadman 4 LIFE!


Oh snap, pugs. Insta-5.

herky profile pic Alumni

cute design, love the pugs

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

The cast shadow and position of the back dogs feet make it look like it's smelly something next to the other dog, not his arse. Just rearrange your perspective a little. Nice drawing otherwise.


Love the pugs, don't care for the text. I like the placement of where they are and the colors. Would buy it with just pugs on it!


"Smell you later" on the back, maybe?


I love the pugs! Although the text is a little distracting from your cool illustration. 4$


I like how your illustration has made the pug much cuter than it would appear in real life. Where's the poppin' eyes, the drool, the non-existant snout? They look a bit like puggle puppies....

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