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elemenopy profile pic Artist

I like to think this one has a lot of levels... different interpretations. And for me it really sums up Awkward Love.


Hmmm weird.


its perfect for eagle v. shark. i love the eyes.

hellofromthemoon profile pic Alumni

.. wait, he's in love with the salt?

hellofromthemoon profile pic Alumni

when i saw just the picture, i had this mental image of the slug slaving away, cooking to feed her hungry husband... in a huge kitchen, dwarfed by all the pots and pans, and wondering depressedly how her life could have possibly turned out this way. probably her husband is a phycho human who wants a good cook.

and this is hugely random and has nothing whatsoever to do with the submission, so please dont be insulted... : )

elemenopy profile pic Artist

Impossible love. Salt is bad for slugs but they still love one other.


I want this so bad. Hopefully the slug doesn't get too close to the salt. $5


I personally wouldn't wear it but I bet alot of people would. Fantastic idea, well executed and fits very well with the theme. Well done :)

elemenopy profile pic Artist

Slugs are transparent... the light shines through the body and onto the salt shaker. The contour of the slugs body refracts the light and distorts the shape... It was a choice. Apparently it's hard to read... I have a copy wherein the slug isn't transparent. But it would be considered a duplicate submission... I'm happy with what's here. "Awkward" and "Strange" and other synonyms are used to describe this piece... so I feel accomplished... one of the key words for the competition is awkward... I like the dialogue it has started as well.

elemenopy profile pic Artist

Look for new design called STRING... should post soon...

elemenopy profile pic Artist

Slugs can love?


I don't think the salt sits right.
I do however think its a perfect representation of awkward/forbidden love.
Bette than a lot of the other concepts running for this competition.

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