Slow and Steady, Baby!

Design by BasicShift

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Cute! I vote for the darker tone! I also think the front fraphic would be better without the text.

BasicShift profile pic Artist

Sorry my submission had a dark background color to better show the art, I am asking to repost the corrected .swf file, until then check out my Threadless blog for a more accurate look!


i'm having a hard time seeing the light graphic
but maybe i's is goin blind?

BasicShift profile pic Artist

I'll admit to regretting the use of the Flash template, but I only really did so as a learning experience -- first true submission and all.

In regards to the text placement on the front I left it there after some quick surveying, part of the idea here is a very subtle sexual induendo which is lost without the front text entirely, and makes the back's message even more useless.

I could do the entire thing without messaging and ignore the bunny and turtle love next time (with nary a flash template) if people would prefer?


well unfortunately I had just looked at that foreign flair shirt with three hotdogs in a taco...the first thing that I saw here was a turtle being humped by an overeager rabbit but wanting it to last longer...


"some say sex is overrated cause they ain't doin it right"

Edible easter candy colors with some hand drawn characters...sweet!!

Slow and steady works, text or no text. Either way people would investigate the subject matter if it were worn. Plus with the back side, it would get someone tapping a shoulder to find out what's on front.


its cute, i agree with evil melons and apples, it should be a little more darker

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