Sleepless beauty

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Long long ago , before sleeping beauty was even "sleeping beauty". She suffered from insomnia and was a sleepless beauty instead. To cure her illness, she seek many aids but with no success . With not much choice left, she seek the help from a witch and was given some magical pills..

After consuming the pills , finally she fall into a deep deep deep sleep ....



making me sleepy during my working hours... hehe.
cool design man. $5


I think it'd be nice without the pills, too.

joe quakze

Love the girl... :D


I don't mind it, but the way the bottle and books are arranged is just bad. It took me ages to figure out what it was... for a long time I thought it was a sawn-off shotgun?? It just looks like you tried to avoid drawing one edge of the stack of books, which doesn't make much sense because you drew the other side just fine.


i dont' see how all of the other users can't see that those are books, it is very obviously a stack of books with pills and one of those like 'dust-off' compressed air cans to put her to sleep. I'm a big fan. 5$.


cool concept but i wouldnt get it without the title...idk about everyone else but thats me


alright. i agree it's kind of hard to understand.

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