Skull's still green

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Skull's still green by Skull Leader on Threadless
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.....depends on the type of apple. I love your Golden Delicious here, I love skulls. A bit thick outline, though, but hey, wanna eat it anyway.


Screw me, but this is ... My GouD! 5!

Skull Leader
Skull Leader profile pic Artist

Ho ho... Thanks for the comments. I tot of removing the text box too cos its taking the attention off the Apple.. But the Apple's too plain without it. Ha ha.. I just dunno. Thanks anyway.


345 profile pic Alumni

the only thing that makes you still green is the typo! drop it & resubmit! fast!
& i'd do a little more detail / zoomed version & a thinner outline.. 4!

Skull Leader
Skull Leader profile pic Artist

Hey i agrees with the text box thingy actually. ha ha... it look kinda redundent and distracting now.

But any tips on the detailing part? i didnt know wat to add anymore coz we are limited by the amt of colors used... Anyone?

Btw, thanks again for the comments. It helps in the grown of a designer. ( though i dun really consider myself as one yet)



could you do the speech bubble in your own style? ie. hand-drawn like the apple, rather than perfectly square, and with hand-drawn text (instead of arial) this would be much cooler...

Skull Leader
Skull Leader profile pic Artist

Hmmm... Yeah i can try doing that. Hell yeah Arial Black's not too suitable i should say, ha ha.. too bad my fonts are limited. Ha ha.. Hey thanks Waster!


i love love love the apple with the grey backround but get rid of the caption i like the shirt with just the apple.


Skull Leader
Skull Leader profile pic Artist

Hmmm.. Maybe i can get a piece off the apple... Like someone just had a bite or something... And i will get rid of the caption.
Heh heh...

Skull Leader
Skull Leader profile pic Artist

Hey thanks Graeamos! Never expect another comment after the scoring process... ha ha.. Ppl just forgets about your design after it gets its scores... ha ha...

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