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Created in Illustrator, 1 colour, centre placement, indian god of karma made out of bones.


This is beyond kick ass!! Do want!!


So good idea! why mirrored?
but cool cool cool :)

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Keep the scores coming - first design where scoring hasn't finished early! There is hope for me!

YaaH profile pic Alumni

There is still a long way to go in this website. It needs time I think. Enjoy designing. Cool design ;D


whoaw this is so sick

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I have entered the 1st Youth Olympic Games medal design competition. I need your votes to get my design which is called "Youth takes Flight" ( the design with the discus thrower ) to get into the top 10. The top 10 designs then go to the International Olympic Committee where a winner is chosen.
Please can you go to the following link below. Clicking on my medal image will then open up a new page allowing you to vote for me. THANKS FELLOW VOTERS.

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Correct - because the humerous is the upper arm bone and the scapula is the shoulder blade on the back. The sternum is the centre bone where the ribs come off and is there. Tee hee.

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